DECEMBER 04 – ST. JAMES In Miami Studio Recording Follow-Up To Successful “Resurgence” Debut Album

New Haven, Connecticut melodic rockers ST. JAMES featuring THE RODS drummer / producer Carl Canedy, have been in a Miami studio recording the follow-up to their successful “Resurgence” debut album.

St. James band members have collectively checked in with the following comment: After several photos emerged of the band recording in a Miami studio it has been confirmed by several St James band members that they are well into the recording of the follow-up to their successful “Resurgence” album.

Guitarist Jimmy Jacobs and drummer / producer Carl Canedy both confirmed that the band had gotten together this past spring in Atlanta and written 14 new songs and that recording had begun in a Miami studio shortly thereafter.

“Writing these songs has been like nothing before. In the past I would’ve walked into the studio with a near-finished product, but in this case all four of us are making significant contributions.” Jacobs commented. Canedy added, “Yeah it’s been a true collaborative effort and you can really hear it in the songs. I’ve played some rough mixes for people and have gotten incredible responses. Really can’t wait to get this stuff out there.”

But one mystery still remains. Who is the singer seen in the Miami studio photos?

When asked, Jacobs smiled and only offered, “Yes, we’ve got a new singer. He’s got a monster voice and is an incredible songwriter on top of it. We’ll be making a formal announcement soon.”

The St. James “Resurgence” debut album was released by Sleaszy Rider records from Greece on both cd and vinyl formats.

St. James is highly recommended for fans of classic Van Halen, Bon Jovi and Aerosmith.

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