DECEMBER 16 – SPIRITUAL SICKNESS Announce Vocalist Search

New York, heavy metal band, SPIRITUAL SICKNESS is seeking a lead vocalist for writing, recording and touring.

A four-piece heavy metal band with many diverse influences, Spiritual Sickness Is looking for a vocalist to complete their lineup. The band is building on the success of two killer releases (their 2011 debut album “Architects of Agony” and the follow-up 2014 EP “Spiritual Sickness”) and is getting quite the reputation as an aggressive, hard working, innovative heavy metal outfit.

Spiritual Sickness has been creating opportunities for themselves by impressing national touring headliners, managers, tour managers, and everyone who has worked with them.

The band has toured with Ghost Ship Octavius, Cage and most recently as direct support for The Three Tremors on their first European tour, with Spiritual Sickness touring as Benedictum with the infamous Veronica Freeman at the helm. They have already been invited to do it again in 2019, this time as Spiritual Sickness and have many more other opportunities looming.

Spiritual Sickness are poised to land on big stages across the world. With a new record well on its way to completion, the band needs a strong vocal presence to complete the vision.

The aspiring vocalist needs to be dedicated in his or her approach, with a strong voice, good range and a vivid imagination. Someone who is willing to hit the road and crush audiences around the world. A team player who wants to help propel this band towards its Destiny.

Spiritual Sickness has a wealth of musical talent, dedication, a strong work ethic, a love of metal music,and a deep well of experience on stages, in studios, and on the road. If your musical goals align with ours, put your name on the list and let’s get to